German Shepherd Puppy Q&A

Why do you breed German Shepherds?

German Shepherds have always been a passion of mine which began with my first working dog Kita aka Amerika vom Grauen Wolf.  She was typical of the breed: intelligent, hardworking and devoted to her owner.  I learned much from her about training and the wonderful bond you can have with your dog.

How long have you been breeding German Shepherds?

I have been breeding German Shepherds for 12 years as a hobby breeder.

Are there certain qualities you dogs have?

I breed for a sound temperament, trainability and a healthy strong dog.  I research different lines and qualities I want in a dog and my lines have proven to be great family pets, good with children, very trainable and always willing to please their owners.

Because I want to enhance the working instinct I make sure that my dogs are willing to track and use their nose, do different obedience exercise and willing to protect before I breed one of my dogs.

Are there health issues I should be concerned with?

Hip problems are the biggest concern most people have when looking at German Shepherds or any large breed.  I X-Ray my dogs hips and send them into the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for a rating before breeding.  I also put all of my puppies and dogs on a hip and joint formula to prevent issues and keep them strong thru their working life.  On top of making sure I am doing everything right in my breeding program I have a guarantee to replace a puppy if their ever was an issue.

Do you test for temperament?

Yes.  I do help everyone with this after doing an evaluation on the puppies.  (not sure of the context of this statement whether it goes with training or matching puppies to their new owners)

What should I know about training?

I will educate you how to keep a healthy strong dog.   (add something about basic training)  When socialized with other dogs they grow up being friendly with other canine friends.

How can I get one of your puppies?

Contact me by phone and we talk about what kind of dog you are looking for and If think it may be a right match we set up an appointment to meet.  I take placing my puppies seriously and although you are seeing if I am the right breeder for you I am making sure you are the right family for one of my dogs.

Do you ship puppies?

No, I do not ship dogs but we could work out a transport if you don’t live close by.

When can I get my puppy?

Picking the puppies is usually week 7 and new owners will be able to pick in the order in which they left a deposit. Puppies go home at eight weeks.

Do I need a fenced yard?

Yes, I do expect for people to have a fence and NEVER use a tie out as an alternative.  I also expect that you will start training sooner than later.

Will you help with training?

Yes. I am also a professional dog trainer and behaviorist.  See more info about training programs on my website.