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2 year old German Shepherd for Sale

Kathleen O'Connell with Kita, one of her three German Shepherds.

Kathleen O’Connell with Kita, one of her three German Shepherds.


German Shepherds have always been a passion of mine which began with my first working dog Kita aka Amerika vom Grauen Wolf.  She was typical of the breed: intelligent, hardworking and devoted to her owner.  I learned much from her about training and the wonderful bond you can have with your dog.

I breed for a sound temperament, trainability and a healthy strong dog.  I research different lines and qualities I want in a dog and my lines have proven to be great family pets, good with children, very trainable and always willing to please their owners.

Because I want to enhance the working instinct I make sure that my dogs are willing to track and use their nose, do different obedience exercise and willing to protect before I breed one of my dogs.




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2 year old German Shepherd For Sale

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Our Clients Say it Best
Thanks Kathleen! Eeyore wouldn’t be with us without you!

Jay, Kathy, Logan and Eeyore Schevis, Peabody, MA
I have been involved in the dog world for over 25 years. I thought I knew it all. Wow! after one training session these are different dogs! Precious and Lovely really enjoy your training style. We can’t thank you enough.

Jean Wolcott, Merriment Kennel Standard Poodles, Hamilton, MA
We contacted Kathleen when our 5 year-old Portuguese Water Dog’s behavior started to slip. He was annoying visitors who came to the door, would chase the UPS truck down the street, and steadfastly refused to give up his tennis ball on the beach. Because he’s not a pup any more, we were a bit skeptical about how easy it would be to retrain Monty. But after four sessions of working with Kathleen, Monty’s behavior is much improved. We would highly recommend Kathleen for any age dog.

The Cheshire Family